Our Series


Ducks have show`s about Dynasty’s, Gators have show’s featuring the people who hunt for them in swamps, now one of North America’s most popular and sought-after angling species, the ‘Crappie’, has a national platform to not only promote the entire angling industry to a mainstream audience, but showcase all of the elements that make this little fish so important to so many people, regions and industry manufacturers alike.

Join host Karl Kalonka on his road tours and hooks up with some of America`s renowned crappie experts and characters who share their secrets for catching bigger than life slab crappie from some of North America`s classic crappie fishing destinations including the hills of Tennessee and Alabama to the spectacular West Baden Springs of Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kentucky and every-place in between including the wilderness settings of Canada.

Shot in High Definition, this series combines the best of all elements that make great TV: a character driven, angling travel show that features the people, places and appetizing culinary techniques by unique chefs.


A series produced by Fish Xtreme Entertainment and presented by Destination Ontario`s program “Go Fish in Ontario”, featuring some of the finest walleye fishing found across North America in Ontario’s beautiful North country, featuring world class fishing lodges offering spectacular fishing vacations for a worldwide audience to experience, enjoy and never forget, not to mention some of the best lakes for walleye, the hottest lures, baits and presentations to use.

A laid back, entertaining and inspiring series that appeals to the vacation planning angler, their families and friends.


Big Bass.... Bigger Attitude.... Biggest Difference!

The easiest way to describe our very popular Bass series.

Host Karl Kalonka provides a level of passion, excitement and expertise that has captivated audiences for over eighteen years with his easy-to-understand descriptions and instruction of how to catch more and bigger bass with the aid of proven products, techniques and presentations in a tasteful manner that viewers find appealing and somewhat addictive!

The crisp combination of big fish, big fun and even bigger excitement make the nature of this series that much more fascinating.

A series that not only targets bass anglers, but captivates, appeals and entertains the widest audience available on both linear and digital platforms.