The host of Xtreme Crappie Angler TV, Karl Kalonka, known for his brilliant, bigger than life persona on Extreme Angler TV, which is celebrating sixteen years on the tube in 2018, came up with the idea for his exciting new television series while filming his many road tours across the southern United States while meeting a long list of both unique and colorful characters along the way who also share his passion for the outdoors and crappie fishing lifestyle.


In each episode of Xtreme Crappie Angler TV we join Karl as he travels to a selected fishing destination and hooks up with some of North Americas renowned crappie experts, famous entertainers and characters alike who share their secrets and knowledge for catching bigger than life slab crappie.


Xtreme Crappie Angler TV is a thirteen episode series that combines the best of all elements including fishing, instruction, destinations, characters and appetizing culinary techniques by unique chefs that not only targets a core viewer, but captivates, appeals and entertains the widest audience available.


Capturing the passion in stunning High-Definition video, micro cameras and drone footage from vantage points and perspectives traditionally unconventional, captivates the viewer from the very moment they tune in. Every episode of Xtreme Crappie Angler offers the home and on-line viewer a realistic insight about techniques, equipment and strategies involved in fishing at an up-tempo pace with cutting edge entertainment in a tasteful manner.


The high powered montages are exciting, unscripted outdoor moments and a irresistible mix of soundtrack ensures the viewers never leave the edge of their seat. Join host Karl Kalonka on his road tours to some of these classic crappie fishing destinations from the hills of Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama to the spectacular landscapes of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Indiana and every place in between.


Each destination is featured showing all the tourism. restaurants, lodging and angling attractions, cultural nuances and reasons why anglers and their families would want to visit. The crisp combination of big fun, big fish and big flavor make the nature of this series that much more fascinating.

Xtreme Crappie Angler TV has taken great pride in creating one of the outdoor industries leading brands that educates, entertains and inspires the 'Next Generation' to go fishing for crappie. This series is not at all similar to the traditional outdoor programming available in today's climate, rather it is a character driven, angling travel show that visits classic crappie fishing destinations from the swamps of Louisiana to the southern hospitality of Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee to the rivers, reservoirs and lakes of the Carolinas , Kansas ans northern US states all the way through to the wilderness of Ontario's near north land and everyplace in between, shooting shows and featuring the unique people, places and culinary techniques and crappie cooking recipes across North America.


Ducks have shows about Dynasty's, gators have shows featuring the people who hunt for them in swamps, now North Americas second most popular and sought after angling species, the 'Crappie' has a national platform to not only promote the entire angling industry to a mainstream audience, but showcase all of the elements that make this little fish so important to so many people, regions and industry manufacturers alike.



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Xtreme Crappie Angler Television viewership is over 56 million homes!


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